It All Started in 1843

It all started in 1843. Our ancestors in Missouri heard tell of the land out west, and everything changed. They loaded their wagon with all of the clothing, blankets, family heirlooms and dried food that it could carry, sold the family-owned general store, and hit the Oregon Trail. After five months of torturous travel in unfamiliar terrain with barely enough food to go around, they settled into what would become the apple of our family’s eye for generations to come: Oregon Valley Farms.

A History as Rich as the Earth

Since we began harvesting our 100% natural crops in 1844, the name on the deed has changed many times, but our family’s love for the land has remained as sturdy as the ground we till each day. Oregon Valley Farms has been passed from father to son, along with the skills, responsibility, pride, and stewardship for the idyllic lands we’ve been blessed with from the start. Today, we carry on that tradition of making each day of hard work count, and commitment to an all-natural farming and harvesting process to make a difference in your life.

All Natural, All the Time

For many farms, the wave of industrialization in the 50’s changed everything. But when the area around our family’s farm was swelling with gas-powered machinery and chemicals, my grandfather and his brothers agreed on one thing: it’s not for us. What we lose in the time that we spend planting, watering, fertilizing, tilling, and harvesting our crop by hand, we gain in the quality of the yield, and the sense of satisfaction of tending the land. We start each day with a fresh cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast before putting on our trusty boots, and hitting the fields for a day of hard work. To this day, we still live by my grandfather’s words: “A day tending the fields is a day well spent.”

Each ounce of soil in our fields is chock full of organic matter, sprinkled with water from the rivers that our ancestors fell in love with at first sight to breed the high-quality, all-natural hemp that continues to be our legacy. We hand-pick each seed to ensure that all of our hemp plants can flourish like the falls after a fresh rain. Each time you hold our hand-harvested CBD hemp flower in your hand, you’ll notice the difference: it feels natural because it is natural.

A Family Recipe

We’ve perfected the flower that’s come to define our family’s legacy over the years, and we’ve never looked back. Rouge River and Mount Ashland, our two varieties of all-natural CBD flower, continue to help people live calmer lives. For years, people that suffer from aches, pains, spasms, nausea, stress, epilepsy, inflammations, and other similar discomfort have benefitted from smoking our family’s flowers. In each flower, you’ll find the same love, care and affection that we’ve put in from the start.

The Story Continues

At Oregon Valley Farms, we’ve enjoyed prosperity thanks to our forefathers, the land, and everyone in our family: including you. Each day we spend in the fields, we try our hardest to maintain the same undying harmony with the land that Daniel Waterberry first struck when he put down his roots. These acres are filled with more than rocks, valleys, soil, and CBD hemp; they’re filled with a rich history. But our story is far from over. With each harvest, we strengthen our commitment to the American philosophy that hard work does make for a better life.