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Lifter (Mount Ashland) – CBD Hemp Flower

(23 customer reviews)


The bright beauty and natural fragrances are reminiscent the soaring peak of the Ashland at dusk. The Mount Ashland flower has a delicious and well-rounded flavor.

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We here at Oregon Valley Farms are proud of the flower we’ve named Mount Ashland. The bright beauty and natural fragrances are reminiscent of the soaring peak of the Ashland at dusk. The Mount Ashland flower has a delicious and well-rounded flavor.

Our family, The Waterberrys, have always known the beauty that Mt. Ashland holds.  Daniel Waterberry, the patriarch of the Waterberry clan himself, first traversed the foothills and mined for gold in its caves. It even provided the wood for our first log cabins– and what would eventually become the Oregon Valley Farms you know and love today.

We tenderly nurtured this plant as if it were our own flesh and blood, making sure the conditions were just right to get the CBD level just right. As always, it has been tested many times to be made sure it has the same natural effect and organic feel.

All of our plants are grown organically on our family farm with organic fertilizers and compost.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis. All of our products are CBD Dominant, with a high CBD content and a low THC content (our CBD plants have 9.2%CBDa and less than .1% THC). When you use our 100% natural CBD, you’ll enjoy reduced anxiety, and a calming, body-soothing sensation that’s perfect for anyone who experiences back or muscle pain, spasms, nausea, headaches, stress, epilepsy, inflammations, and more. Our family is proud to take a part in helping people overcome these stresses for generations, and for years to come.

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1 Gram, 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., 1 oz

23 reviews for Lifter (Mount Ashland) – CBD Hemp Flower

  1. Stacy Elston

    I was skeptical at first but I tried it once and it worked. All natural cure with great pain relief. Thank you Oregon Valley Farms

  2. Matt Ehrlich

    Better than any pain pills, surgeries, or CBD oils that I’ve tried. Would recommend to anyone.

  3. Zack Dubinski

    Mount Ashland is the best! I’ve tried a bunch of CBD plants for my stomach pains and nothing worked quite as well as this. Will be ordering again soon.

  4. Ellen Marlow

    I had surgery on my back last April, and I’ve had on and off pain ever since. I tried painkillers, but when that didn’t work, I started looking into natural alternatives. Oregon Valley Farms CBD helped ease my pain without any addictive tendencies.

  5. Joan Riccio

    Mount Ashland has helped tremendously with my anxiety. I’ve tried everything else, and this is the one thing that has worked without any negative side effects. I would highly recommend it to anyone else who has anxiety and is looking for a cure.

  6. Patricia Eichler

    oregon valley farms knows how to make a quality herb. the mount ashland flower helps my epilepsy. will buy again soon.

  7. Nicole Cassano

    I wanted to avoid taking painkillers and Mount Ashland is the best alternative I could find. It smells and tastes natural. Oregon Valley Farms is the best!

  8. Katherine Zimmer

    I tried CBD once to see if all of the buzz was true. It is! Natural taste and no nasty side effects.

  9. Julia Rineer

    Will buy again! I smoked a little bit for my back spasms and it’s perfect. They shipped it right away!

  10. Kathy Edgerton

    Mount Ashland is the best. I’ve tried other organic cures but nothing works as well as this. Five stars.

  11. John Haring

    Love this stuff. Works for me each time.

  12. Andrea Patten

    I’ve heard a lot about CBD over the past few months, and wanted to try it for my ankle. Mount Ashland CBD is what I’ve been looking for. Would highly recommend to anyone who feels sore and can’t find a cure.

  13. Rebecca Bachelard

    Perfect for treating shoulder pain without taking painkillers.

  14. Alex Lafler

    I heard about CBD for years and wanted nothing to do with it until finally my friend convinced me to try it. Not only did it help with my back pain, but it also helps me to feel calm.

  15. Sophia Donne

    The Oregon Valley Farms CBD works great. I’ve had monthly migraines for the past twenty years, and nothing has ever worked as well as smoking Mount Ashland CBD.

  16. Joseph Lillis

    This CBD hemp is the best around. I’ve tried a few plants from different websites and nothing helps my arthritis pain like Mount Ashland.

  17. Mary Peskin

    Helped with my anxiety a lot!

  18. Rosemary Grover

    I read about the benefits of CBD in a magazine a few months ago when I was looking for a natural cure for my knee pain. Mount Ashland is the pain reliever I was looking for! At first I was reluctant to smoke it because I quit smoking 20 years ago. But whenever my knee pain flares up, I smoke a little bit, and it works great.

  19. Margaret Garncik

    Would recommend for anyone who has back pain.

  20. Lillian Lichten

    If you have hip pain like me, then I highly recommend you try the Oregon Valley Farms CBD. I didn’t want to start taking painkillers, and this was the best natural solution I could find. It works great!

  21. Jeff Wardley

    CBD really does help with all types of pain and Mount Ashland is the best. Helps me cope with shoulder pain since I tore my shoulder last year.

  22. Jessica Albertson

    Mount Ashland CBD is great! I have lots of anxiety and smoking Mount Ashland CBD helps me to calm down.

  23. Angela Wallach

    Mount Ashland is great for quick pain relief without side effects. After I broke my hip last year, I’ve had lots of uncomfortable and sleepless nights. Once I started smoking the Mount Ashland CBD, all of that ended. It’s not addictive, either. Would recommend to anyone who has trouble sleeping.

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